Restoration of the monastery Kumanica

Kumanica Monastery is located on the 40th kilometer of the highway Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje, on the right bank of the river Lim. It was built probably in the fourteenth century, and archaeological works have shown that the monastery is not burn and for reasons unknown to us caved in the eighteenth century. For centuries the monastery Kumanica there is a tradition that had occurred in his miracles of healing, and in recent centuries, in addition to the Orthodox Serbs, members of the Islamic and Catholic visited and toured this, popularly known "holy city". In the monastery Kumanica in the eighteenth century rested the relics of St. Gregorije Kumanickog and St. Haralampije. After the demolitions during the past two centuries, there was no attempt to renew the monastery Kumanica, except that in 1971. brought the first archaeological works, when he prevented the railway route Belgrade - Bar passes through the church caved in and was completely destroyed. The route passed next to the walls of the church caved in and on this occasion on the west side were destroyed traces the life of this holy monastery.

After completion of works on reconstruction of the monastery Davidovic, the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle, the Museum in 1999 began work on the reconstruction of the monastery Kumanica. In less than a year to complete all planned works on the reconstruction and restoration of medieval monastery Kumanica.

During the audit of archaeological works in the altar of the ruined church, were found relics of an unknown saint, which caused a lot of public attention, because it was a very rare and precious archaeological findings./b>

Complete reconstruction and restoration of the monastery Kumanica was completed in late 2000./b>

The whole project of reconstruction and restoration of the monastery Kumanica, financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia./b>

The reconstruction is performed by the project and under the supervision of the director in charge of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kraljevo Slobodan Djordjevic./b>

Тhe project of reconstruction and restoration of the monastery Kumanica, initiated and led him throughout the entire reconstruction and rehabilitation, Slavoljub Pušica, director of the Museum in Prijepolje./b>