Polimlje multidisciplinary research

The project "POLIMLJE: multidisciplinary history research", which is part of the project "At the sacred waters of Lim" launched in 2005, refers to the research of the Lim valley from the source of Lim below Prokletija in Montenegro, through the Middle Polimlje in southwest Serbia and Lower Polimlje in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Lim flows into the Drina.

In this international project are included eminent scientists from the Institute SANU, Philosophy and Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, the Music Academy in Belgrade, Central Institute for conservation in Belgrade, High Vocational School in Novi Sad, State University of Novi Pazar, as well as international experts from Italy, Great Britain and Russia. They are in the last nine years from Prokletija through Budimlje, Komova and Bihor, Sjenica-Pester plateau, Prijepolje, Priboj, Rudo, Visegrad and Čajniča investigated, cataloged and pinpointed monuments of powerful civilizations of the Roman period, Byzantium, Nemanja's Serbia, the Ottoman empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the XX century, left enormously cultural and historical heritage, which has so far largely not researched and located in a state of decay and disappearance. Also, field researchers study the ethnographic characteristics, ethnomusicology, toponimastics, folk literature, traditional architecture and contemporary sociological problems.

Research from the field were published in scientific proceedings "Milesevo records" no. 7, 8, 9 and 10, which represent a significant historical material collected during these several years of multidisciplinary research.

According to the curriculum research project will enter the final phase in 2015-2016. year.

The project entirely funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

Author and Project Manager POLIMLJE: multidisciplinary historical research was Slavoljub Pušica, museum consultant.